Asean Songket Festival 2019

The last year festival’s organization was one of the university’s initiatives at developing holistically excellent graduates, competent in the technologies of the 21st century yet rooted in tradition. Raising the awareness of the Malaysia heritage together can boost the spirit of one nation to uphold this invaluable legacy for global eyes. Patronised by the Her Royal Highness, the Raja Permaisuri Selangor, the 1st edition of the event was successfully held last year with ten-thousand participation involving students, local community and relevant stakeholders.

The excitement builds up again with the coming International Songket Run 2.0 soon. Among the highlights of the Asean Songket Festival 2019 will be the International Songket Run 2.0, Conference on Songket Revival, Songket Gala Dinner, Songket Appreciation Competition and Asean Songket Exhibition to be featured throughout November till December 2019 at the MSU campus. This program will be held in collaboration with MSU’s international partner universities from Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei. 


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International Songket Run 2.0

The International Songket Run 2.0 will be held in the city of Shah Alam, Selangor in which the starting and the finishing point will be in MSU Campus, Section 13, Shah Alam. The registration is open to all citizens of Malaysia, thus allowing the students of MSU & MSU Collage to have social interactions with the diverse community of Malaysia. This event is also committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal 3  : Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages &
Goal 11 : Sustainable Cities & Communities - Protect the world’s cultural and natural Heritage.

The last event was a dazzling hit among the runners with the participations from the Shah Alam community. We entrust our runners and our future partnership by joining this event to support our charity run. We are not only expecting a total number of participants to be part of it, but we would also like to help the participants improve their health in joining this run programme. During the run programme, we welcome our runners to be creative with their outfits as there will be a simple contest to be rewarded to our runners, as an example the most Outstanding Songket Family Runner. With this kind of initiative, we would like to ensure that our participants will not only get fit through this running activity but they will also feel content with the memorable experiences with their family members together in appreciating Songket culture and tradition.



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  1. Youngest Participant
  2. Largest Group (Public & Msu)
  3. Lucky Draw
  4. Oldest Participant
  5. Individual Most Creative Dressing In Songket
  6. Family Most Creative Dressing In Songket
  7. Grand Prize

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