The Management & Science University (MSU) campus re-opening in Phase 2 took effect early June 2020.

Phase 3 will allow students to gradually return to campus beginning 1st July 2020. Groups of students to be allowed on campus will be notified by the faculties, to ensure distancing on campus is observed.

The re-opening of our campus will have primary considerations for the safety of everyone. This decision, based on MSU’s commitment towards teaching and learning, also emphasizes our readiness to adhere to the measures and requirements to protect the health of our students, staff, and faculty as well as the campus community. This is in line with the regulations set by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Health and the MQA’s Advisory Note No 4/2020 dated 29th May 2020.

Below are the points to be considered in our adjusting to the new normal on campus:


  1. Security on movements on campus will be of utmost importance.

  2. Students, staff, and visitors must use the designated entry points set by the Management.

    There will be 4 entrances:
    • a) U Square (for all students/staff/visitors)

      b) Management Tower (for staff)

      c) The Residence (campus entrance via The Hub)

      d) Level 1 Chancellor Hall (Kitchen - limited access)

      e) Entrance via the MSUMC Private Specialist Hospital will also take the route stated in (d) above


  3. All entering the campus through U-Square/ Concourse, must go through the dedicated checkpoints. Compulsory at the checkpoints are:
    • a) Scanning of QR code for MySejahtera/Selangkah app

      b) Temperature check

  4. Dedicated lines at the checkpoints will also be provided for parents/ identified guests or visitors. Kindly check with the security officers on site.

  5. Hand sanitisers are provided upon entry, as well as in common areas on campus.

  6. Everyone is advised to follow the SOP and instructions when visiting the campus premises as per the requirements by the University offices/departments, such as labs, classrooms, and eateries.

  7. If it rains or other unforeseen circumstances arise, the entrances at U-Square/Concourse will still be open. However, a few other paths through the Level 1 elevator (under the Chancellor Hall) will also be accessible.

B. Health safety on campus

Compulsory measures on health safety include:

  1. Temperature checks
    Checks will be done at the designated entry points before you can enter the premises - office areas/faculties/schools/departments. Please cooperate and be honest with your health conditions, i.e., if you have a fever, you must not come to campus (provide a medical certificate or MC when requested);

  2. Hand Sanitisers
    Although sanitisers will be provided at the designated entrances, you are encouraged to bring your own for your own self use. Please sanitise your hands or wash your hands. Observe personal hygiene.

  3. Facial masks
    A mask is to be worn when you are in the public areas. Avoid crowded areas.

  4. Social distancing
    Always maintain the 1-metre social distancing protocol.


The general measures in Section A above are to be observed by ALL entering the MSU campus premises.

Below are the more-specific reminders for everyone’s attention:

  1. Students
    • 1.1 Although the campus is now open, MSU will adhere to the SOP and directives of the authorities, which include only a specified number of students on campus at a time.

      1.2 You are to bring your Student ID always, for easy checking and access to the classrooms.

      1.3 If you are physically challenged, you may request assistance from the faculties to have access through the Management Tower.

      1.4 Students MUST fill in the “Student Declaration of Health for Entrance Into MSU” online form using this link:

      (This link may also be provided by your mentors at the respective faculties/schools)

  2. Staff
    • 2.1 You can also use the entrance via the Management Tower.

      2.2 You must also always have your Staff ID on you, for easy identification and access to the Management Tower and classrooms

  3. Visitors
    • 3.1 Visitors coming for official tasks may be facilitated by members of staff/faculty to gain access to the Management Tower

      3.2 Visitors can also organize to meet at the common areas on Level 2 and at U-Plaza.


MSU will fully utilize the blended mode of learning. Specific matters relating to academic, particularly for overall academic delivery and performance, will be detailed by the respective faculties/departments.

In general, these are some of the measures to be taken by all:

  1. The campus will be opened on staggered basis from July to December 2020. Announcements will be made gradually, with policies and SOPs set by MSU and guided by the Malaysian authorities/protocol.

  2. Students are encouraged to be in constant contact with their faculty/school through the mentoring system, to ensure accurate information is obtained at all times.

  3. For now, the academic calendar remains as per scheduled. If the fluid nature of this pandemic situation changes and new governmental restrictions take effect, MSU shall comply to these accordingly.

  4. Reviewing of the teaching and learning curriculum shall be subject to MSU Senate approval and guided by the Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) to ensure that the learning outcomes are met.

  5. With the campus opening on staggered basis, priority will be given to groups of students returning gradually to campus. The relevant groups will be determined and advised accordingly.

    This is also in adherence to the guide provided in MQA’s Advisory Note No 4/2020 dated 29th May 2020.

    With the campus opening on staggered basis, priority will be given to these groups of students, particularly those require on campus facilities/ internet access including :
    1. Post graduate students
    2. Final year students (due to complete the studies within the semester)
    3. Students undergoing programs that are advised by professional bodies on required practical hours to be completed i.e. Malaysia Medical Council, Board of Pharmacy, Nursing Board etc.
    4. Students undergoing TVET and skill-based programs
    5. Students undergoing clinical studies
    6. Students undergoing Lab-required programs
    7. Newly registered students

  6. Complementing the practical components including internship, work-based learning, or industrial training will be the blended approach that will still ensure the target learning experiences. There will be more industry-based projects, problem-based projects, topical studies, and research or case studies.

  7. To ensure quality education is observed, continuous assessments and systematic monitoring will continue throughout the internal quality assurance process of the university.

  8. Addressing spatial concerns on social distancing, MSU shall focus on lower-density classrooms, public areas, and other facilities; with continuous review of procedures and SOPs.


  1. Amenities and outlets, i.e., The Hub, Starbucks, Subway, and Gloria Jean, will be open and available upon the campus re-opening.

  2. These outlets are also registered with MySejahtera/Selangkah so all are advised to adhere to the SOPs accordingly.

The University plans to keep abreast with developments throughout the year, thus will respond accordingly to changing circumstances or new governmental requirements. It is hoped that we will all have the patience and the flexibility to adapt to these changes.

Best wishes and hope to see everyone back on campus!

Prof. Tan Sri Dato Wira Dr Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid