Pre-Arrival Information
1. Immigration Advice: Overview of Immigration Guidelines
All international students must attain the Single Entry Visa (SEV) from the Malaysian High Commission/Embassy before entering Malaysia (if SEV is required for your country). For more information, see the link below. 
2. Student Pass & Visa Approval Letter
The Student Pass and Visa are endorsed onto your passport by the Malaysian Immigration Department i.e., Visa type, multiple entry and Visa expiry date (which is for one year). The Malaysian Immigration and Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) regulations require all international students to enrol as full-time students throughout their study.
3. Medical Examination Report Form & Letter of Acceptance
As stated in the given link of Education Malaysia Global Services*, all international students are required to undergo a medical screening in their home country as part of the Student Visa Application. Both the completed Medical Examination Report form and Letter of Acceptance must be submitted upon application of enrolment/before coming to Malaysia. 
4. Climate & Clothing
Be prepared for Malaysian weather. Located near the equator, Malaysia has a hot and humid tropical climate with temperatures averaging 27 °C and frequent rainfalls in-between. Therefore you are strongly advised to bring lightweight clothes such as jeans, khakis and cotton shirts, and to pack an umbrella in your bag. 
1. It is recommended that students use Travellers Cheques or Credit Card when entering Malaysia. Do ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your first 3 months' expenses for food, accommodation, transport, books, etc.
2. Important documents to bring along on hand: 
  • Passport
  • Flight Ticket
  • Driver's License
  • Acceptance Letter and Visa Approval Letter
  • Original Academic Qualification transcript - in English (compulsory)
  • Receipts / proof(s) of payment for all fees
* Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) is a one-stop centre to help with processing of Student Pass for all international students coming to study at institutions of higher learning in Malaysia.