Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Student Pass, Visa, Medical and Other Related Matters
Here are some of the questions that we get asked by international students.
Student Pass
(1) Do I need a Student Pass to study in Malaysia?
Yes, all international students are required to have a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. 
(2) What is a Student Pass?
A Student Pass is a multiple entry visa that allows the student the right to remain in Malaysia for the purpose of studying at an approved university. 
(3) Do I need to renew my Student Pass every year?
All students will need to renew their Student Pass each year. This is because the validity of a Student Pass is for up to 12 months only. Note: In reference to 
the G2G cooperation, Indonesian students taking a minimum two-year course are entitled to a two-year Student Pass. 
(4) Where should I apply to renew my Student Pass?
International students should apply to extend their Student Pass through the MSU International Office. 
Dependant Pass
(1) Can I bring my family with me?
International students who wish to bring family members must apply for a Dependant Pass. Note that family members include parents, spouse and   children only.
(2) How do I apply a Dependant Pass for my family?
At the time of your course application, you need also to immediately notify MSU International Office if you wish to apply for a Dependant Pass, so you will   be  guided to the appropriate Immigration Office for the Dependant Pass application.
(3) What will be the validity period of a Dependant Pass?
The validity period of a Dependant Pass parallels that of the Student Pass. 
(4) Who is eligible to apply for a Dependant Pass?
All postgraduate students are eligible to apply for a Dependant Pass for their family. For Bachelor Degree students, however, only the nationalities below   may apply for a Dependant Pass:
      • Saudi Arabia 
      • Bahrain 
      • United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
      • Turkey 
      • Qatar 
      • Azerbaijan 
      • Palestinian Territories 
      • Kuwait 
      • Yemen 
      • Iran
      • Syria 
      • Oman
      • Jordan
      • Lebanon 
      • Iraq
      • Libya
      • Maldives
Visa Approval Letter (VAL)
(1) Do I need to have a Visa Approval Letter?
Yes, all international students will need to have an approved Visa Approval Letter before they can travel to Malaysia.
(2) What is a Visa Approval Letter?
A Visa Approval Letter is a letter with a six-month validity issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. 
(3) Who shall apply for the Visa Approval Letter?
MSU International Office will apply for the Visa Approval Letter on behalf of the student. 
(4) When will the Visa Approval Letter be checked?
The Visa Approval Letter will be checked upon arrival at the Immigration.
Single Entry Visa (SEV)
(1) Do I need to apply for a Single Entry Visa?
Most if not all international students will need to have a Single Entry Visa to enter and study in Malaysia. To determine if you require a Single Entry Visa,     click  here.
(2) Where should I apply for the Single Entry Visa?
International students will need to apply for the Single Entry Visa at the Malaysian Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission of their country of origin.
(1) How many medical screenings do I need to undergo?
International students will need to undergo two (2) mandatory medical screenings. The first medical shall be at the student's home country (pre-arrival).   The  second medical will be conducted when they are in Malaysia (post-arrival). The latter shall be done within 7 days of the student's arrival.
Sticker Endorsement 
(1) What is a sticker endorsement?
A sticker endorsement is where a Student Pass sticker is affixed onto the student's passport at the end of the Visa Application. It is considered the final step   to the documentation process.
(2) When should I apply to transfer the sticker endorsement?
You should apply to transfer when you change your existing passport to a new one. 
(1) What is an iKad?
An iKad is a valid identification card for international students.
(2) When will the iKad be issued?
The iKad will be issued only after the process of sticker endorsement has been completed.
(3) Can the iKad be a replacement of the student's Student Pass?
No, the iKad is not a replacement of the student's Student Pass or passport.