Welcome to Management & Science University!

Your transformative journey starts here!

Getting started may be an overwhelming experience. Let us guide you through the registration process and assist you throughout your initial orientation into campus life.


  1. Offer Letter and Acceptance of Offer

    Offer Letter and Acceptance of Offer are accessible for students at:
    • a. Email (Students are also required to check the other inboxes email including SPAM mailbox)

      b. You haven’t received an email from MSU?

      Check your enrolment status HERE

      c. If still not accessible, students may email enquiry to : [email protected]

  2. Registration Day and Date

    The new students' registration is scheduled starting from 1st July 2020.
    Please note that students are notified on the date for registration through email / SMS prior in advance.

    Students are divided into a few groups for the Registration as table below:

    Registration Date / Day Time Faculty / School Venue
    Fresh Students (Newly registered students)
    1 July 2020 (Wednesday) 9am – 2pm 1) JPA sponsored students Chancellor Hall
    2) International Medical School
    2pm – 5pm 1) Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
    2) School of Pharmacy
    2 July 2020 (Thursday) 9am – 2pm Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies
    2pm – 5pm School of Education & Social Sciences
    3 July 2020 (Friday) 9am – 2pm Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering
    2pm – 5pm School of Hospitality & Creative Arts
    Postgraduate and Non-Fresh Students
    4 July 2020 (Saturday) 9am – 10am 1) Graduate School of Management Postgraduate Centre, Level 16, Management Tower
    2) School of Graduate Studies
    9am – 10am All Faculties – FTW & BL Engagement & Enrolment Department, Level 2 Management Tower
    Progression Students (will be notified by the Dean's Office/ Head of Acad
    4 July 2020 (Saturday) 10am – 2pm 1) Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering Engagement & Enrolment Department & M201 Level 2 Management Tower and Finance Department, Level 3 Management Tower
    2) International Medical School
    3) Faculty of Health & Life Sciences
    4) School of Pharmacy
    2pm – 5pm 1)  Faculty of Business Management & Professional Studies
    2)  School of Education & Social Sciences
    3)  School of Hospitality & Creative Arts

    Note: Only students will be allowed at the Registration venues

  3. Parents Waiting Area during Registration

    Waiting areas are provided for parents at the following places:
    • a. The Hub – Level 2, Science Tower

      b. U-Plaza – Level 2, Academic Block

      c. Islamic & Cultural Centre – Level 2, Academic Block

  4. Students / Parents Movement Flow
    • a. Students & Parents will enter from the main designated entrance checkpoint at U-Square (wearing mask) and proceed with Temperature Check.

      b. Hand sanitizer will be provided for use.

      c. Upon clearance at the checkpoint, students will proceed to Chancellor Hall; while Parents proceed to the specified Waiting Areas.

    Parents / students may also find the detailed precautionary measures in the President's Advisory (3rd Phase) here :

  5. Medical Check-Up
    • a. Students may proceed with medical check-up prior to Registration Day.

      b. The medical check-up fee is RM200.

      c. Payment can be made online via MSU Online Payment. Click

      d. Medical check-up is to be done at MSU Medical Centre, from 8.30am to 5.30pm daily.

      e. If medical check-up is not done BEFORE Registration Day, students are allowed to proceed with the medical check-up on appointment basis which will be given on the Registration Day.

      f. Medical check-up fee can also be paid on the Registration Day.

  6. Documents for Registration Day

    Students are required to bring along the following documents on the Registration Day:
    • a. Acceptance of Offer (if students did not submit online)

      b. Original copy of results as entrance qualification documents – SPM, other certificates / transcripts

      c. IC

      d. MUET results (for Bachelor students)

      e. 1 piece of Passport size photo (blue color background) – for Student ID Card

  7. Orientation Day
    • a. The detailed Orientation Schedule will be given to students on the Registration Day.

      b. However, students need to register for the orientation via the link provided at the MSU website :

      Click here to register :

      c. The registration will be opened from 24 to 30 June 2020.