Where to Eat
On Campus
There is a plethora of dining options at MSU. We offer a vibrant mix of dining choices such as cafés, food court and bakery on campus. Every time you're feeling hungry, there's always a place for you to dine in. Explore our wide-ranging list of cafés and eateries:

  • The Hub - with its wide variety of local food and drinks, the colourful, vibrant campus eatery that is The Hub is also MSU's most popular place to dine on campus 
  • Fresh Baked Café  - delicious fresh breads and pastries are not the only things this café serves but also a cool, laid-back setting, perfect for that quick snack with friends.
  • Cinnamon Café  - the breakfast and lunch menus served here will delight you with their simple sumptuousness (or: simple yet superlative taste). 
  • Cinnamon Café 2  - full house at the Cinnamon? No problem, just head to Cinnamon 2 for more seats and food selection. 
  • U-Shop
For more information on the dining options at MSU, click the link below.
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