Welcome to Management & Science University

Your transformative journey starts here! 
Welcome to our new #MSUrians. Getting started may be an overwhelming experience. Let us guide you through the registration process and assist you throughout your initial orientation into campus life.

The new students’ virtual registration day is on 16th April 2020 from 9.00am till 6.00pm. The virtual online and blended classes will begin on the 20th April 2020. 

Before proceeding, please CHECK YOUR EMAIL for official welcome from MSU. 
You haven’t received an email from MSU?

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Let’s Begin!


Step 1 : Virtual Registration
These are important steps you need to take:


  1. You may have received these items in the official email sent to you:

    a)    Offer letter
    b)    Link to activate your ACCEPTANCE OF OFFER. Click the link and complete the submission process. 
    These emailed items will be your reference throughout your orientation week

  2. Congratulations! You have officially been enrolled into MSU.

    If you HAVE NOT received an email as the above, please proceed to Step 2 for the virtual orientation registration
  3. Enquiries regarding your online registration and registration matters can be
    emailed to: [email protected]

Step 2 : Virtual Orientation
You have completed your virtual registration!  Next, let’s get ready for the orientation that will begin on 17th – 19th April 2020. It is mandatory for all new students to attend all the virtual sessions. 

  1. Complete the required information for the orientation here : Register Here
  2. Download the orientation registration and schedule for MBBS April Intake 2020 : Download Here
  3. You will be assigned to designated groups and facilitators to assist you throughout the orientation
  4. Enquiries regarding your orientation registration and relating matters can be emailed to : [email protected]

Step 3 : Attending the Orientation Sessions
Before each orientation schedule, please ensure:

  1. You have internet access 
  2. You have received the access codes provided by your facilitators
  3. Be prepared to join the sessions not later than 15 minutes before the session
  4. Be prepared to take down notes 
  5. Be prepared to download the online videos/materials for the orientation via E-Klas : eklas.msu.edu.my. You will be guided by your assigned facilitators.
  6. Enquiries regarding your orientation registration and relating matters can be emailed to : [email protected]

You’re done with the virtual registration & orientation registration. Good job!

Step 4 : Getting the head start as MSUrians
Congratulations, you are officially MSUrians!. Let’s look at few important notes for you, to ease your way with campus life.

  • Obtaining your student ID card
    Your student ID card identifies you as a member of the MSU community. You’ll need your student ID card particularly when borrowing resources from the library, when you are registering for any activities on campus and when you’re attending exams.

  • Medical Check-Up
    New students are required to have their medical check-ups once they return to campus. Arrangements will be done by the Students & Career Development and MSU Medical Center Specialist Hospital.

  • Classes & Time-Tables
    Looking forward to starting your classes! During the orientation, there will be sessions / briefs done by the academic team to assist you with the first classes on blended and virtual platforms. The time-tables will be provided during the sessions.

  • Communicate while you study
    There are plenty of ways you can communicate with your professors, lecturers, tutors and fellow students, which will make online studying a rich and interactive experience. Learn how to use your student email  to communicate with your peers.

  • Get Connected
    We are engaged with the high-riding campus life and diverse activities. Get connected via our social media channels

Warm Reception for New MSUrians
Watch the highlights of the students orientation for the newly registered #MSUrians.  These moments were also shared among the international students, adding more diversed and intercultural outlook in MSU campus.

#beMSUrians - Getting Adjusted with Campus Life
Coming to terms with new environment & new friends can be nerve wrecking at times. However, over time you shall get acquainted and memories shared after that will be the ones you will cherish in your lives. Take a look at the video, featuring the recent new students' registration. MSU wishes good luck to all the new students and to remind all, be proud to #beMSUrians

A look at MSU Orientation Week
Management & Science University (MSU) orientation is unlike any other. Whilst filled with activities, the focus is on the development of interpersonal &  intrapersonal skills. Making new friends for the next years to come, is a bonus! Watch the video of these new MSUrians' experiences in their first week at MSU.

MSU Oath Taking Ceremony
A once in a lifetime chance to be officially accepted as undergraduates of MSU. Watch this video that showcases highlights during the ceremony

Hippocratic Oath
April is also the intake for MBBS program. Watch this video with highlights of our medical students as they pledge to play their roles and responsibilities to the community and healthcare profession.